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      "Tucker Gunleather has been VERY helpful with my purchase and to make sure I order the right size and type of my belt. It is being made for me, and I am sure it will arrive in a timely manner. The personal sevice is the most impressive!"

      -- Connie Doe Burgess

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    • Rob Longenecker: As you know, the article wasn’t addressing single action revolvers, but thanks for your input.
    • Cale Carter: Calvary draw properly executed does not pain the body of the person drawing. Any draw executed...
    • David Grasse: The cavalry (or twist or plains or reverse draw) is only practical with a single-action revolver...
    • Michael Harkins: I want one of those for my 5″ 1911 but with the belt in a non ranger style. 40 inch waist....
    • tmsky: Wow …. So pretty I like it
    • Rob Longenecker: IWB Holsters are taking 6-7 weeks. Belt holsters are taking 3 months. Rob
    • Walter Green: How long will it take from the time I order till the time I get the order?
    • hot kate 18: The way you’ve described this can be pretty thorough. I’ll website link your blogging site...
    • Emily Leonides: Long time reader, first time poster. I just want to say I appreciate all you do with your site. This...
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If they REALLY wanted more affordable health care…

If Obama and the democrats REALLY wanted more affordable health care for you and me, they’d be proposing “tort reform.”

This would limit the huge awards  for medical malpractice suits that have doctors paying huge malpractice insurance premiums and practicing “defensive medicine.”

Doctors often order unnecessary tests to defend against malpractice suits that could arise in the future. This costs us all in much higher medical insurance premiums. Texas has capped the huge payouts for malpractice and our state is one of the ones in which doctors aren’t leaving or retiring early because of high premiums and high risks. Similar laws accross the nation would save a ton of money.

Why isn’t tort reform mentioned as part of  “health care reform?” The democrats are indebted to the trial lawyer lobby. Trial lawyers make billions from frivolous lawsuits and contribute heavily to democrats. At a recent town hall for Rep. Jim Moran (Dem), Howard Dean actually told the truth. Here’s exactly what he said.