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      "Tucker Gunleather has been VERY helpful with my purchase and to make sure I order the right size and type of my belt. It is being made for me, and I am sure it will arrive in a timely manner. The personal sevice is the most impressive!"

      -- Connie Doe Burgess

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Archive for the 'The Answer' Category

A Fast “Answer”

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 1st May 2009

Want an “Answer” fast? A Tucker Gunleather Answer IWB?

How about a two-week turnaround? We’ve added new manufacturing capacity for the Answer.

Right now, if you want an Answer IWB and you have any kind of 1911, XD, XDm or 9mm/.40/.357 Glock, we’ll get it to you in TWO WEEKS.

We’ll be adding more to the “Two-week list” as we go. Stay tuned for more.

Lead times will get better and better, faster and faster.

Meanwhile, get yourself a “fast Answer.” (Regular or Leather-lined.)


The Tucker Answer is the most talked-about, notably comfortable IWB you can buy.

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He knew right away.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 9th June 2008

What would prompt a guy to write a review of a new IWB holster only an hour after he got it in the mail? Usually, people like to wait to form an opinion. This guy received his Tucker Gunleather Answer and knew right away what he had in his hands.

He could appreciate the quality and workmanship but when he put it on, it surprised him how well the holster worked, even without any break-in.


 Here’s his review.

Have you got your Answer yet or are you still filling up your holster drawer? 




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“Spend your money on quality leather…”

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 25th May 2008

     I took a class at United States Shooting Academy (usshootingacademy.com) last week.  Course was Intro to Marksmanship and it is the basic course so you can move on to Defensive handgun courses.

     I wore “The Answer” to the course as I carry every day so it was just normal to carry to class.  As the course proceeded and we had shot I was showing empty and then holstering my XD45.  One of the instructors noticed the holster and asked about it. 

     I was proud to show him my Tucker Gunleather “The Answer“.  He was impressed and commented on the quality. 


     Later, as the class was winding down and we were back in the classroom to get the certificates for completion the subject of holsters for CCW came up.  So the instructer said “Jim, show them your setup.  So I stood up, lifted my shirt and showed my 18 fellow classmates my “Answer.”

     The instructor said, this is what I mean by investing in a quality holster and gunbelt.  I probably have spent $10,000.00 in holster in the last 20 years.  I have boxes of them at home that I wore  and tossed in the box.  Spend your money on quality leather and you won’t regret it. 
    Thanks again for a quality product.  People can see the quality… and I got to plug Tucker Gunleather.

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Is Tucker’s Answer still popular?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 28th April 2008

You bet! Tucker’s Answer IWB is still one of our best sellers. More importantly, we still get the great comments from happy customers:

“Hi Rob:
 The Answer arrived with this afternoon’s mail. In a word, ‘Nice!’ I am very impressed with the level of workmanship and care that went into crafting the holster and would be grateful if you would take a moment to convey my appreciation to Mr. Tucker the next time you speak to him. He is indeed an artist. It is easy to understand now why Tucker Gunleather has such a loyal following.
Thanks again. Best, Evan”

    “After having had “The Answer” for these past months and wearing it daily, I can honestly state it will be a challenge each day to decide which holster I wear. (He’s comparing to the new Silent Thunder he just received.) Both are very comfortable (that makes them comforting) to wear, “tuckable”, secure and of the highest quality.  Thanks for the great products, the amazing service, sincere help you provided and the honesty with which you deal.  I will continue to recommend you to everyone that has a question or need for a superb quality holster.”

“Just got my Answer in the mail yesterday. This is one QUALITY holster! It’s much better workmanship in my opinion than the M tac.  My Glock 27 is in it right now as I am wearing it around the house. i found the “middle” adjustments of the clips to work the best for me. Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about it.  Glock Talk “

“+ one on the quality! I’ve had my “Answer” on with my G19 for the 5 hour drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas, no problem. Glock Talk”

“I wear it for up to 18 hours a day and don’t even notice it. I have an XD45C in it. Glock Talk”

“Answer all the way…I love mine…I wore it with my G27 yesterday from the time I got up until I went to bed, very comfortable. The suede backing is awesome, their clips are perfect. I tried an M-Tac and it wasn’t for me. Try both and you’ll see…Tucker’s “Answer” has been my best investment yet as far as holsters go!!!! Glock Talk 04/28/08.”

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Leather-Lined Answer now available. NEW*

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 14th February 2008

A patent-pending process allows Tucker to bond leather to kydex as part of the molding process. We recently introduced the “Silent Thunder” line of leather-lined kydex belt holsters and single clip IWB’s with only a 3-4 week turnaround. See the introductory post for “Silent Thunder.”

The idea behind a leather-lined kydex holster is silence. When you draw you make no “snick” sound to alert the bad guy. That may not be important to many of you, but it is to some – particularly the military guys who saw Tucker’s leather-lined holsters at the SHOT Show. In addition, many people just like premium cowhide next to their favorite gun.

We have also added a leather-lined Answer just to be fair. Tucker’s now made it easier to decide on what holster will work best – leather or kydex. Like all Tucker holsters, the new holsters have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Answer Lined Kydex 001.jpg

Leather-Lined Answer IWB above.

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Does that count?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 12th September 2007

A recent gun forum post suggested you test your holster by inserting an unloaded gun and then rolling around the floor while wildly flailing arms and legs for 30 seconds and then reaching for your gun to see if it’s still in position.

One of the responders posted the following:

“My the Answer survived a 40mph dirt bike wreck, in which I broke my foot and rolled around before coming to a stop. Gun was still holstered and in the same place as always. Does that count?”

We don’t claim a performance advantage from this event, but it certainly isn’t bad news.

Answer from Blammer1a.jpg


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Thin is in…but not as important as you might think.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 6th February 2007

“How thin is it?” “How thin is the leather?”  “How thin is the kydex?” “How thin is your Answer compared to the ……..?” 

It makes perfect sense that you would consider how thin an IWB holster is, but it’s only a part of the mix of features and attributes of an IWB holster. 

First, If you had a very thin IWB with a little more than 1/8″ total thickness (1/16″ on each side of your gun) that’s got to be about the thinnest you could get. Is it important?  Would it make your gun more concealable? It’s got to be more concealable, right? It’s not necessarily so.

There are many other factors that make a holster/gun combination concealable and the overall thickness is just one.  The ride height, the angle, the profile, the aspect ratio, the spread of the belt clips, the whole mix of factors makes a holster concealable or not.

Tucker’s Texas Heritage is just about 1/8″ thick on each side of your gun. The Answer is a little thicker than 1/8″ on the leather side and about 1/16″ on the Kydex side. 

At the maximum these two holsters are 1/8″ thicker overall than the theoretical thinnest example I cited above and yet are thinner than many others you’ve tried.  It’s time to look at your ruler and see what 1/8″ looks like. It’s insignificant. Our proven design is what is significant.

I invite you not to be so concerned with what’s the thinnest because we repeatedly and frequently get emails and phone calls proving to us how much more concealable the Texas Heritage and Tucker Answer IWB’s are than what our customer was using before. Our customers love these holsters and our customers are just like you – picky, choosey, and committed to having the best. Some even started the process with a phone call asking “how thin?”

So, the next time you start thinking how thin a holster is, remember it’s just one of the elements that goes into overall holster design and you can absolutely count on superb concealability and comfort with the Texas Heritage or the Tucker Answer IWB’s.

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Tucker’s Early Christmas present.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 10th December 2006

I just stumbled accross an online “attaboy” I’d like to share. Sure, it’s shameless self-promotion.  I’m in business to sell top-drawer concealed carry gear. I want everyone to know about Tucker Gunleather and then buy a bunch of it.

Tonight I took a break and paid a visit to the 1911Forum and found this thread in which a guy asked his online buddies for help in choosing an IWB holster. He was looking at two choices and the real question was, “Is the Answer the way to go?” The answer from his buddies was “you bet and then some.”

If you’ve been considering whether you should buy a Tucker Answer IWB holster or a recent attempt at a “me too” look-a-like, this post from experienced Answer users may clear up any question about your choice. The Answer holster has probably had more positive press, more crazy loyal fans and more online discussion than any other IWB holster out there. Testimonials fill my inbox.


Ready for your Answer? – Tucker wants to give you a Christmas present. From now until December 15, 2006 we’re running a very delicious deal and you can find it right here.

This offer was originally mailed out to previous and existing customers only – an exclusive deal. Tonight Tucker told me to share the deal with anyone who might have been dreaming of an Answer but needed an incentive to pull the trigger. This discount may not happen again for a long time. Ready, Aim, Fire!

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You Bet I’d Have a Tuckable Holster! I Wear One Every Day.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 6th October 2006

“Too dang slow! Gotta pull up your shirt with one hand and then draw with the other. Sometimes, you’ve got to do both with the same hand. I wouldn’t have a tuckable holster.”  (Said by a guy on a gun forum.) 

A worthwhile point of view, but I mightily question the conclusion!

Having a tuckable holster is a great option for many – maybe for you.

Tuckable means you can tuck your shirt over your gun and holster and tuck in your shirt between the holster and your belt.  A holster must be designed a particular way to allow for that. The pictures below show the holster and gun exposed and then with shirt tucked in over the gun and holster. You can even get invisible belt clips if you like.

 Pictures080802 017.jpgPictures080802 019.jpg

This picture showing the holster and belt without the clothing shows that there is space between the body of the holster and the belt clips.  The clips are mounted low and have approximately 3″ of space to tuck in your shirt.


Here’s what you need to know:

The tuckable feature is an optional way to use the holster, not the only way. You can wear a tuckable holster as a standard IWB with your shirt or jacket hanging out over it. The tuckable feature is a no cost added benefit.

Having to pull up your shirt is slower, but it beats leaving your gun in the car or at home because it’s too hot to wear a coat, vest, jacket or extra shirt.

I wear a tuckable IWB every day with slacks and a button-down shirt as I visit customers for another business I have. In 5 years no one has noticed a thing. It’s way too flipping hot in Houston to wear a coat and my customers don’t want to see me with my shirt hanging out. I’ve proven to myself that this works. It will work for you.

Could I draw and fire in under a second from this setup? No.

If I see trouble coming can I react? Yes.  Do I have my gun with me? Yes.

If my gun is in the car or at the house what good is it? No good at all!

Maybe a tuckable holster is not your thing, but my customers are happy to have the option. Many use the tuckable feature and are very glad they have it.

Whether you “tuck” or not, it’s hard to beat a Tucker Gunleather IWB for function, quality and fit. See what this customer has to say about his Tucker Answer IWB. Click here.

      The Answer                              


    The Texas Heritage

 TX Heritage 001.jpg        

      The Cover Up





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He Got His “Answer”

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 1st September 2006

All of you know that I love it when you write and call me to tell me how much you’re loving your new (and old) Tucker holsters. But every once and a while, someone really nails it and captures lightning in a bottle — the essence of owning a Tucker.

This guy is one of them. He said it even better than I could and he really nailed why The Answer has proven itself time and time again to be their answer to a final IWB carrying solution.

Heck, he even educated **me** on why customers love The Answer so much (and that takes some doing!).

It was such a treat for me to read, I thought everyone here who either had The Answer or was just thinking about one — should get a chance to read the great things you folks say about Tucker’s products.

Don is a very intelligent, very experiences concealed-carry guy who has had enough holsters and training to know the difference between the good . . . the bad . . . and everything in-between.

He knows why a full firing grip is important. His experience allows him to see that Tucker’s knows what #&@$% he’s doing — that Tucker’s experience in shooting, in carrying as a professional — it’s all there in every groove of the design.

So here it is. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


“I recently received the Answer, from Tucker Gunleather. I’m not posting pics since everyone’s seen a LB Premier II and the pics on Tucker’s website are very nice, high resolution ones. As promised, here’s my review.

First of all, if Rob Longenecker ever decides to get out of the holster business, he could have a great career teaching ethical business practices at any university. When he says he will promptly return a phone call, or email, he means it.

When he says he will deliver a holster in three weeks, it’s there. This is sadly rare in today’s business experience; making these seemingly simple things really stand out.

As I expected, the workmanship on the Answer is first rate. I was unaware of the thin, suede lining on the back side, when ordering. Smart addition, as it will obviously protect me from the fastener backings.

The suede is very well tanned and buttery soft, with plenty of nap to make for a firm and stabilizing grip to either skin, or fabric. The hardware is top quality, American-made, stainless steel, with stainless finish washers.

The sight channel is ample, with plenty of room to spare. Further evidence of the thought put into this design are the meaty, leather washers between the belt hooks and leather plate. These will help to keep the leather closer to the body and help the hooks to better pivot as needed.

The washers also enhance the Answer’s ‘tuckability’, by not pinching the shirt tail. The little touches, like the flared lip on the back of the trigger guard area and the inclusion of an allen wrench, complete the package.

It’s clear that a lot of thought and insightful design went into this holster.

There is absolutely no excess material on this holster, anywhere. The, so called, “body shield”, is cut with an eye that could only come from years of experience carrying 1911‘s. It mates perfectly to the sharpish, adjustable rear sights on my Premier II and gives solid protection from the extended thumb safety.

When fully inserted, the muzzle of the gun is precisely flush to the bottom of the holster. The Kydex portion of the Answer is ultra-thin. Not the usual injection molded rubbish offered by most companies.

It is perfectly molded to the pistol, providing a secure fit without compromising the thin profile of the 1911.

In terms of carry, the forward cant is right on the money. I tend to like an ample amount, and had figured on adjusting The Answer for more. Not necessary! The adjustments provided on the belt hooks give three distinct and viable positions when using the holes in parallel.

First, extreme low ride, for deep concealment and added security. Second, puts the Kydex shell at exactly-level with the belt and top of the waistband, bringing the grip higher, to completely clear the belt and hooks.

This position puts less pressure over the rear of the slide and allows for a much faster draw.

Third, is ideal for those who prefer extreme high-rise. It brings the gun up significantly, snugging it directly under the bottom of the rib cage.

This kind of attention to detail is much appreciated by those of us who put on and take off our guns with our pants; all day carry comfort. I commend Mr. Longenecker and Mr. Tucker for providing me with a fine product.

A lot of people have commented that the Answer seems expensive at $125. You have simply to see it and hold it to understand why it’s a bargain.

The only flaw I can see thus far, is that one of the belt clips doesn’t quite make a full, 180 degree bend. As such, the little “whale tail” tangs don’t seat underneath the belt, as they do on the other one.

Not a disaster, and doesn’t diminish the overall rating of, Excellent.” 

— Don DeBusk, August, 2006

Note: I replaced the misbehaving belt clip immediately.



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