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Archive for the 'Opinion' Category

The Muslims will dominate us with numbers of children.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 23rd October 2014

We don’t have enough kids anymore and the Muslims have many, many more.  It’s true in Europe and it’s true here in America.

They don’t have to defeat us in battle. They will overwhelm us demographically. The wave is already building. They’ll just out vote us.

Watch “The Changing Muslim Demographics video.”

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Tax Payers – a snapshot

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 8th October 2009

The top 20 percent of earners

makes about 53 percent of the income in America, but

pays 91 percent of the income tax.

The top 1 percent pays 36 percent.

The IRS says the bottom half of earners pays less than 3 percent.

If you’re in the bottom 50% of earners you have no reason to oppose higher taxes, do you?

How about when 60% of the folks pay no taxes?

How about when 70% of people pay no taxes?

The percentage has been growing every decade.

We might want to pay attention to who gets elected next time.

If you work and pay taxes, the current trend is against you.

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Signs you haven’t seen – 9/12/09

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 26th September 2009

On 9/12/09 several hundred thousand (or more) people showed up in Washington D. C. to protest the many changes that the democrats are promoting.

You’ve seen pictures, but you probably haven’t seen these.

Sample picture:

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Radical ‘Regulatory Czar’ Could Pose Problems for Gun Owners

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 12th September 2009

Gun Owners of America is sounding the alert on Cass Sunstein who we warned about in our last post.

“Friday, September 11, 2009

Yesterday, another radical extremist joined the ranks of the Obama administration.

Cass Sunstein, who is an old friend of Barack Obama, is now our new Regulatory Czar.  You will recall that he is the guy who wants animals to sue hunters and other Americans.

He also supports gun control.”  Read the rest of the article here.

See Cass Sunstein Video.

See Glenn Beck on Sunstein.

Visit Cass Sunstein’s website.

These guys in the Obama administration are serious – a serious threat to our rights and the future of our country.

We need to follow the lead of those who protested in D.C. today and make our voices heard.



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Letter to the Editor (of the L.A. Times)

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 1st September 2009

31 August 2009

Editor, Los Angeles Times

Dear Editor:

You join legions of others in describing Ted Kennedy as having been “compassionate” (“Ted Kennedy, America’s conscience,” August 30).  Aware that I’ll come across as low-brow – as unable to appreciate the transformative magic of politics – I must ask: What’s compassionate about spending other people’s money and minding other people’s business?

Suppose Mr. Kennedy were my neighbor.  One day he arrives at my door with a handful of other neighbors (all carrying concealed weapons) and demands some of my money and tells me that he’ll regulate what I eat, drink, and smoke.  “And I’ll stop your teenage son from being employed if no employer offers him a wage at least as high as one that my friends here and I determine is appropriate.”

I gaze at him aghast.  “Oh, don’t worry.  Because my undying dream is to help others, I’ll spend the money that I take from you in ways that will help you.  But I’ll also spend much of it helping people on the other side of the tracks.  And any restrictions that I impose on your behavior are ones that, you can be sure, spring only from my compassion for you and others.”

Should I regard neighbor Kennedy as great and compassionate – as a gallant champion of the interests of others?  Or should I regard him as an arrogant bully, as fraudulent as he is dangerous?

Donald J. Boudreaux
Professor of Economics
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030

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Cartoon of the day

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 18th August 2009

Dems chip away at Fox News

Dems chip away at Fox News

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We must stop government-run health care.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 12th June 2009

How to Stop Socialized Health Care

It was a sobering breakfast with one of the smartest Republicans on Capitol Hill. We can fix a lot of bad stuff President Barack Obama might do, he told me. But if Mr. Obama signs into law a “public option,” government-run insurance program as part of health-care reform we won’t be able to undo the damage.

I’d go the Republican member of Congress one further: If Democrats enact a public-option health-insurance program, America is on the way to becoming a European-style welfare state. To prevent this from happening, there are five arguments Republicans must make.

The first is it’s unnecessary. Advocates say a government-run insurance program is needed to provide competition for private health insurance. But 1,300 companies sell health insurance plans. That’s competition enough. The results of robust private competition to provide the Medicare drug benefit underscore this. When it was approved, the Congressional Budget Office estimated it would cost $74 billion a year by 2008. Nearly 100 providers deliver the drug benefit, competing on better benefits, more choices, and lower prices. So the actual cost was $44 billion in 2008 — nearly 41% less than predicted. No government plan was needed to guarantee competition’s benefits.

Second, a public option will undercut private insurers and pass the tab to taxpayers and health providers just as it does in existing government-run programs. For example, Medicare pays hospitals 71% and doctors 81% of what private insurers pay.

Third, government-run health insurance would crater the private insurance market, forcing most Americans onto the government plan. The Lewin Group estimates 70% of people with private insurance — 120 million Americans — will quickly lose what they now get from private companies and be forced onto the government-run rolls as businesses decide it is more cost-effective for them to drop coverage. They’d be happy to shift some of the expense — and all of the administration headaches — to Washington. And once the private insurance market has been dismantled it will be gone.

Fourth, the public option is far too expensive. The cost of Medicare — the purest form of a government-run “public choice” for seniors — will start exceeding its payroll-tax “trust fund” in 2017. The Obama administration estimates its health reforms will cost as much as $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. It is no coincidence the Obama budget nearly triples the national debt over that same period.

Medicare and Medicaid cost much more than estimated when they were adopted. One reason is there’s no competition for these government-run insurance programs. In the same way, Americans can expect a public option to cost far more than the Obama administration’s rosy estimates.

Fifth, the public option puts government firmly in the middle of the relationship between patients and their doctors. If you think insurance companies are bad, imagine what happens when government is the insurance carrier, with little or no competition and no concern you’ll change to another company.

In other words, the public option is just phony. It’s a bait-and-switch tactic meant to reassure people that the president’s goals are less radical than they are. Mr. Obama’s real aim, as some candid Democrats admit, is a single-payer, government-run health-care system.

Health care desperately needs far-reaching reforms that put patients and their doctors in charge, bring the benefits of competition and market forces to bear, and ensure access to affordable and portable health care for every American. Republicans have plans to achieve this, and they must make their case for reform in every available forum.

Defeating the public option should be a top priority for the GOP this year. Otherwise, our nation will be changed in damaging ways almost impossible to reverse.

Here’s the original article from the Wall Street Journal.

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Health Care proposals put in perspective

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 7th June 2009

This video is the best I’ve seen to put today’s health care debate into perspective. It’s just great.

Take a few minutes to watch Health Care video.  (Has short commercial before the video.)

This will be one of the most important debates we’ll ever have and you can’t depend on the government to tell it straight.

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Lights, lasers and tritium sights

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 2nd June 2009

Section of Aegis Journal, April, 2009.

Executive Protection — Tritium and laser sights
“Based on the feedback from non-professional readers of our review of  the XS Sight Systems Big Dot Tritium Express Set in the August 2008 issue of
ÆGIS, it is clear that many non-professionals do not understand the function of tritium sights and laser sights on handguns, somehow thinking that they
will be of help during the few seconds duration of a gun fight. In fact, tritium sights and laser sights on handguns should be thought of more as offensive
devices, not defensive devices.
If you are moving around in the dark trying to locate your enemy and get a bead on him, these will certainly help you, particularly for the first shot.
Some, however, note that while you are circling around in the dark trying to draw a bead on your opponent, he is doing exactly the same, and if he gets
behind you and sees the telltale glow of the tritium sight, you are toast. If you are in a secure position, and your opponent is exposed, laser sights will
be of great help. Plus, it really attracts your attention if you happen to look down and notice several of them dancing around over your heart!
However, if something happens and you have to draw your gun and start firing, you will never see the tritium sight – you likely won’t see the front
sight at all – and never have time to use the laser.

While there are a wide variety of valid reasons to have tritium sights andlaser sights on a handgun, none of these come into play when you aredrawing your gun and firing back.


I think I know what Jeff Cooper would say.

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“Going Galt” What’s Next?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 6th May 2009

Tools for Fighting Back!

Those at The Atlas Society want you to fight back, to express both your moral outrage and your hopes for a better future, and to be more effective.

On their website you will find a wealth of information and insight about Atlas Shrugged. You’ll find clear explanations of Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, by expert writers. You’ll find an arsenal of intellectual ammunition needed to prevail against the assault on your freedom.

Atlas Shrugged is still incredibly popular, five decades after its publication, because it offers a dramatic moral defense of the right to individuals live for their own sakes and a vision of a benevolent society based in reason, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Atlas Shrugged at 50: a Tribute in The New Individualist

All about Atlas Shrugged: expert analysis, plot synopses, and more

The revolt against taxes: collected Atlas Society commentary

Is Atlas Shrugging today? Hard-hitting commentary from The Atlas Society

Edward Hudgins, “Ragnar Shrugged.”

Edward Hudgins, “Atlas Chased.”

Edward Hudgins, “Atlas Forced into Early Retirement.”

Thor Halvorssen, “Is John Galt Venezuelan?”

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