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      "Tucker Gunleather has been VERY helpful with my purchase and to make sure I order the right size and type of my belt. It is being made for me, and I am sure it will arrive in a timely manner. The personal sevice is the most impressive!"

      -- Connie Doe Burgess

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Archive for the 'FAQs' Category

Belt Clips

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 14th April 2007

I had to raise the price on extra belt clips for Tucker’s IWB’s.

Recently, I began receiving numerous orders for extra kydex belt clips from customers who had never bought a Tucker holster. I found out that they were often Comp-tac C-Tac owners who had found out that I was selling clips at a much lower price than was Comp-tac.

Now, I’m selling at the same price as Comp-tac does. I want to offer extra clips to my customers but I don’t want to be in the belt clip business. Hope you understand.

BTW, for those who have questions on which belt clips to use, check this out.



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Horsehide or Cowhide?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 25th February 2007

Tucker uses only premium cowhide for all his holsters, belts and magazine pouches. It’s vegetable tanned, durable and beautiful. Some potential customers ask why he doesn’t work with horsehide.

Number one, Tucker prefers cowhide and works best with cowhide. Two, there’s less high quality horsehide available than cowhide; and three, horsehide is not suitable for the decorative stamping that so many of Tuckers customers ask for. 

A well-know English maker, Andy Arratoonian, who has a fine reputation and a dedicated customer base has written some excellent articles on holstermaking and working with leather. Perhaps his article on the pro’s and con’s of horsehide and cowhide will be interesting to you. Here’s the link.

For those of you who wonder why I’d send you to another maker’s website, we have plenty of business and don’t mind sharing resources.

Visit us at Tucker Gunleather if we can be of service. 



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Buried Carry

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 4th December 2006

I see people wearing IWB with the gun buried in their pants with the trigger guard way below the belt line and the grip barely accessible. I have people who request a low ride height like that with one of Tucker’s IWB holsters and strongly recommend against it. It can get you killed. It’s slow and risky under stress.

Some will justify whatever they’re doing no matter what professional advice is given because they’re a “unique and wonderfully skilled” human being who’s practiced doing it “their way.”

If you wear your gun low in your pants, you will not be able to get a full firing grip and draw in one motion. You will have to use thumb and two fingers to get the pistol moving out of the holster and the re-grip the gun during the presentation.

You may say that you have no problem with your “buried carry” method and you just like what you like, do what you do. Under the stress of “hurry up or die” it may let you down. Your small muscles lose their touch when you think you may die in a defensive confrontation. 

It’s not like practice at all. Listen to the guys who’ve been there and read the reports. It’s never like you imagined, not like you practiced and you’ll live or die by the proper fundamentals designed to work when your nerves are bathed in adrenaline.

This picture below of Tucker wearing his “Answer” IWB shows the proper ride height. It allows you to get your fingers all the way around the grip, put your hand high on the gun with your forearm properly aligned with the barrel/slide. It allows you to respond to threat with a smooth drawstroke with no fumbling and re-gripping.

Set yourself up to succeed and survive. “Buried carry” can lead to another kind of burial. Then you can tell St. Peter  and Jeff Cooper how well it worked in practice.

Pictures080802 017.jpg

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Tucker listened.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 26th November 2006

Got a Keltec 9mm? We’ve had numerous phone calls and urgent emails for months asking Tucker to make holsters for Keltec pistols. Tucker listened as always.

Mouse guns, no. 9mm Keltecs, yes. We now have form guns in house to make any of our all-leather holsters (IWB’s or belt holsters) for the Keltec PF-9 or P-11.


Keltec PF-9


Keltec P-11

Just to be clear, Tucker’s not making leather for the P-32 or P-3AT Keltecs.

Holsters for the PF-9 and P-11 are a go!




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When is a “C” not a “C”?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 24th November 2006

Tucker offers several styles of Kydex belt clips for the Answer IWB, the Texas Heritage IWB and the Cover Up IWB holsters. One favorite is the “C”-Mount clip (or simply called the “C-Clip.”)

The C-Clip is like a J-Hook with a ledge at the top to put the weight of the gun on the gunbelt, where it belongs instead of on the waistband of the trousers, which may cause sagging.


A recent post on CombatCarry.org asked why the clip did not have a curve at top. Clearly, some folks don’t know why the “C-clips” are made the way they are. I’ve heard some even heat the top to curve it down a bit. Having this blog is a great way to communicate and let you know why we do things as we do.

If you have a need to curve the top of the clip I’ll bet it’s because your belt is “popping out” from underneath the ledge at the top.  My experience has been that it’s usually because some belts flex too much. Get a real gunbelt.

I’d love to know your experience with C-Clips, especially if you have any trouble when using them with a good quality gunbelt. 

We’re committed to keep innovating to meet your needs and we want to know your experiences and suggestions.




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If you could only have ONE! (One Tucker holster, that is.)

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 30th October 2006

I got this email earlier today and it answers that question beautifully. If I could only have one Tucker holster it would have to be the HF1.  See what Dan has to say below:
“What can I say that has not been stated before!  The HF1 is the holster I wear almost everyday and when I can not it is the Answer.  I just love them both!  The HF1 is my favorite and is very easy to conceal with almost any garment or jacket.  The HF1 is the holster I use when I shoot IDPA and the one I wear when driving my truck.  I have never been outed by a police officer or civilian that I have been in contact with unless I informed them. The workmanship is beyond compare, it is beautiful!!”        

Sure, I’m blowing our own horn here, but there’s valuable information in Dan’s comments. He does have a Tucker Answer IWB, but his HF1 fulfills every need he has. The Answer just offers a nice option. If you can only own one Tucker Gunleather holster, you can’t go wrong with the HF1.




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Restore Your Standard Kydex Belt Clips.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 1st October 2006

My customers are the best! They tell me what works for them so we can all stay current with the latest information. Every day users really do know how to get the most out of their gear.

Here’s a tip I got yesterday from Joe Allen that will impact most of you who wear Tucker’s IWB holsters with standard kydex belt clips. 

 New Standard Clips 10-30.jpg  Standard Kydex Belt Clips

Joe was telling me, “Rob, since I live on the border between Kansas and Missouri I have to remove my carry weapon every time I cross the state line – sometimes several times a day. This subjects the standard clips to much more flexing open and closed than they were intended to withstand. I do eventually wear them out, but I have discovered a simple method to “rejuvenate” my belt clips when they start to become sprung.

I use rubber bands to squeeze the clip closed, fill a glass full of hot tap water and drop in the clip to soak until it cools. I put a pencil stub in the bend at the top before binding it in order to maintain the arc.

Don’t use water any hotter than hot tap water. I found out the hard way. Hot tap water is the perfect temperature to make the kydex slightly malleable without losing its shape.

I’ve quite successfully extended the service life of my clips since I started doing this.”

Thank you , Joe. What a great idea!  I hope you all will let me know how this works for you on your own belt clips.

Note: there’s a new development in standard kydex clips in the works that should increase their service life dramatically.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, for those of you considering a Tucker IWB holster here’s how to pick the belt clips that will work best with your new holster. Link.

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It’s easy, just look at the upper part of the column to the right. You’ll simply get an email from FeedBlitz when there’s a new post to read.


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Why does Tucker “rough it?”

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 29th September 2006

Usually, I look forward to returning phone calls because it means I’m getting another Tucker Gunleather order or there’s some guy who just got his new leather and wants me to “tell Tucker” how much he likes it. I end up “telling Tucker” several times a day. That’s one of the most fun parts of my job. Tucker likes hearing it, too. Very much. (proud of his work, don’tcha’ know.)

Today I returned a call to a customer who had a question about his new Texas Heritage IWB. He liked the way it was made and how well the gun fit, but he asked me, “Did Tucker do it on purpose?” 

“Do what on purpose?” I said.

He said, “The piece of leather next to my body got flipped so that the rough side is toward my skin – that’s got to be a mistake, right? I ordered the holster in “smoothout.” (continued below pictures.)
TX Heritage 001.jpg  Smooth Side  TX Heritage 002.jpg Rough Side

I told him he might be glad when he wore his Texas Heritage in the heat and humidity.

Smooth leather next to your skin when you sweat can be “tacky” feeling and irritating, but the “rough” side isn’t really that rough and the texture will allow air circulation while not  sticking to your skin.   It’s  more comfortable for many people that way.

Tucker does have your comfort in mind at all times, so you can have it however you want it.  If you want roughout toward your jeans and smooth toward your skin, you can have that, too. 

Just ask for what you want. You can always give extra details with your order in the “comments” section before you  submit your order. You can always call and talk to me to make sure you get it exactly the way you want.

I thought I’d share this with the many of you who have a Texas Heritage or who are about to order one. This way I won’t have to be ‘splainin’ it all the time.  Just remember, whether you order “smoothout” or “roughout” the side toward your skin will be rough side out unless you request otherwise. Keep that in mind when ordering.

It may be time to put a Texas Heritage on your hip and check it out for yourself, but I’m warning you – if you do, you’ll be calling me to say, “Hey, will you tell Tucker how great I think his holster is?”





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Magazine Pouches – Angled vs. Standard Vertical . . . Which Is Better?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 1st September 2006

I get asked why we offer angled magazine pouches as well as a standard vertical.

I’ll tell you how it came about.

In the 1980’s Tucker and I shot a lot of IPSC matches. We found that if you didn’t have to bend your wrist backward to pick up your magazine off the point of your weakside hip, it went faster.

For one thing you can make a slightly circular motion down to the magazine and back to the gun with out the stop/start motion common with vertical pouches. It also made it easy to position your hand and index finger perfectly on the magazine as you grabbed it.

Reversing the cant so that the magazines lean forward at the point of the hip is counterproductive unless you are crouching behind cover, which tips the hips backward, straightening up the magazines.

Forward-angled magazines may begin to be useful as you place your magazines further back from your hip, but we used vertical pouches back there instead. Speed was only necessary for two mag changes usually.

That’s where the double-angled mag pouch really shined.

Double-angled mag pouches are not for everyone and it is a shift from conventional thinking.

90% of the double pouches we sell are angled backward. We don’t push that; it just happens.

People like them once they try them.

Bet you will, too.

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The Only Satisfaction-For-Life Guarantee You’ll Ever Have

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 8th August 2006

This is the ballsy-est guarantee you’re ever going to have. And I reckon that’s because frankly, you deserve it. 

You’re my customers. And in over five years I’ve found you to be honest and easy to deal with.  The occasional product issue ultimately turned out to be something we could take care of for you and we all went home happy.

I’ve even found that you even hate to complain when you have a legitimate issue.  I couldn’t be dealing with better customers. As a result, I want to give you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the Tucker Gunleather products you buy from me.

Please click here to see for yourself just how we back up our products.

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