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“Going Galt” What’s Next?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on May 6th, 2009

Tools for Fighting Back!

Those at The Atlas Society want you to fight back, to express both your moral outrage and your hopes for a better future, and to be more effective.

On their website you will find a wealth of information and insight about Atlas Shrugged. You’ll find clear explanations of Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, by expert writers. You’ll find an arsenal of intellectual ammunition needed to prevail against the assault on your freedom.

Atlas Shrugged is still incredibly popular, five decades after its publication, because it offers a dramatic moral defense of the right to individuals live for their own sakes and a vision of a benevolent society based in reason, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Atlas Shrugged at 50: a Tribute in The New Individualist

All about Atlas Shrugged: expert analysis, plot synopses, and more

The revolt against taxes: collected Atlas Society commentary

Is Atlas Shrugging today? Hard-hitting commentary from The Atlas Society

Edward Hudgins, “Ragnar Shrugged.”

Edward Hudgins, “Atlas Chased.”

Edward Hudgins, “Atlas Forced into Early Retirement.”

Thor Halvorssen, “Is John Galt Venezuelan?”

2 Responses to ““Going Galt” What’s Next?”

  1. Stephen Ippolito Says:

    Rob, I admit I have never read “Atlus Shrugged”. I’ve studied the history our revoluitionary era and the formation of our constitution.
    The appeal made for inalienable rights of individuals and governments must come from the authority of GOD. Any argument or appeal to morality in absence of moral absolutes (which come from the absolute diety of GOD) will eventually fail in the face of humanism (survival of the fittest, anyone?).
    Case in Point. Compare the French Revolution to ours. The French believed in the God of Reason and the appeal to human reasonablness. They even wanted to thow down the cathedrals to make the point. They were cutting each others heads off and electing a dictatory in a few short years. You can’t see it happening here?
    The Founding Fathers of the American Revolution believed in individual rights which are not bestowed by governments nor can be removed by governments. And any governemnt which seeks to remove these inalienable rights no longer has the moral imperative to rule!

  2. Douglas Says:

    I agree. Without the authority of God, there can be no morals.

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