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I’m so p*ssed I can’t see straight!

Posted by Rob Longenecker on March 17th, 2009

How do we get rid of  Obama and his administration? Start to work NOW!

Have you seen this news?

Obama wants veterans to pay for service-connected medical treatment through reimbursing the Veterans Administation from their private insurance!

Here’s the story.

He wants to take money from our veterans to pay for his favorite new programs while saving money on the backs of veterans.

Obama is talking about violating a sacred agreement between our country and service members.

Screw that!

I’m so pissed I can’t see straight!

I don’t care that it’s probably a “trial balloon,” checking for public reaction and will never pass the Congress.

He’s a bait and switch artist.

People thought they were voting for this:

What they got is this:

4 Responses to “I’m so p*ssed I can’t see straight!”

  1. BruceGibson Says:

    The screwing of the American Veteran. Pissed? Counting me, that’s two of us so far.

    It’ll get worse. I’m waiting for the military equipment and national defense yard sale these liberals are so famous for.

  2. Rob Longenecker Says:

    Today, pressure from Veterans caused the Obama administration to back of plans to charge veterans for medical care.
    Man, we’ve got to watch this guy every minute.

  3. Lloyd Says:

    There’s not enough true honest American people in Congress to keep him straight either. He’s definitely “bait and switch” with a tongue smooth enough to sell sand to a desert dweller. It’s a shame that he fooled enough voters to get into the office (and did it without ever proving his citizenship). I truly believe the majority that elected him cannot tell you anything about the situation this Country is in, but they could probably tell you every detail about “American Idol”. He makes me sick that I served 36 years in service to protect our freedom and then see him take it to hell.

  4. JimMeadows Says:

    He is one slick SOB for sure.On he bright side I am seeing some encouraging signs though with the tea party movement and such. Also I think he is overestimating the stupidity of the majority of Americans. Conservatives tend to organize and do best when a liberal is in office, it took us a Carter to get us a Reagan. I was not a Bush fan myself the last few years and was not overly fond of McCain either so I went third party as much as I could last November and when no third party was available voted against every incumbent no matter which party they were in. I am proud to say that every single person I voted for lost.

    Only thing we can do now is cross our fingers and get as many conservatives back in office in 2010 as we can. By the way I am a disabled vet myself who depends on the VA for all my medical care and it racked my ass right out of the frame when that news came out.

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