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Are you buying more guns?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on November 13th, 2008

Obama’s election has many of us buying guns and ammo in anticipation of coming restrictions as reported in one of many articles.

I’m headed for the gun show in Houston this weekend and taking a friend who’s never been to a gunshow but wants to buy a gun for himself and one for his wife. I have what I need and ammo to boot so I may not buy anything.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Are you buying more guns and ammo now? Let us know. What do you think Obama and the dems will try to do first to restrict our gun rights?

5 Responses to “Are you buying more guns?”

  1. W. Squire Says:

    Yes – but I find that I’m just purchasing at an accelerated rate. I keep asking myself… “Is this something you would like to own sometime in the next 10-15 years?” If the answer is “yes,” then I am strongly encouraged to buy now, or possibly lose the ability to buy for the next 10-15 years… We can all hope that the grandfather clause in the two bans introduced in the house remain intact as they are written.

  2. Mark Says:

    I plan to buy mnore ammo when I get the funds.

    I think the first thing they’ll do is reinstate the AWB. They might try to modify it i.e. make it worse. I suspect also enforce existing gun laws in such a way as to hassle FFL holders as Clinton did. High taxes on ammo wouldnt surprise me either. I bet some twit will try for banning gun shops within x distance of schools/playgrounds and not care that it eliminates nearly every gun shop in the country.

  3. Don DeBusk Says:

    The place where I work has about 300 people on my shift. Among them are about 40 managers and supervisors. In our daily meetings, the conversation prior is nearly 100% about what they bought, or are planning to buy at the next weekend’s gun show. Interestingly, many of them voted Obama and at least one was a campaign volunteer. He’s buying an AR.

    I’m pretty well “gunned up”, but if I happen to run across a minigun, well… 😉

  4. Rich Paul Says:

    You know the heartbreaking thing is 5 Republicans just submitted H.R.6257 Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008. Those representatives are:

    Rep. Mark Kirk [R-IL], Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-FL], Rep. Michael Ferguson [R-NJ], Rep. Christopher Shays [R-CT], and Rep. Michael Castle [R-DE]

    Chris Shays just lost his office to Jim Himes this past election day. The downside it’s still a democrat replacing a republican. Oi! I have one thing on my Xmas list this year. The Sig Arms 556 rifle.

  5. Rob Longenecker Says:

    At the Houston Hi-Caliber Gun and Knife show (at the George R Brown Convention Center last Saturday 11/15/08) several large gun dealers stopped selling guns about 2:30 p.m. because they only had enough time left to fill out the paper work for the guns they’d already sold that day. They couldn’t sell any more guns and still have time to fill out the paper work by closing time. Is there a demand for guns? You bet!

    Holster sales are up, too. Not surprising.

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