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Chicago’s Mayor Daly fights 2nd Amendment ruling

Posted by Rob Longenecker on July 29th, 2008

Chicago’s Mayor Daley is doing everything he can to get around the Supreme Court’s ruling about an individual’s right to own a gun. He claims that gunowners will shoot first responders, police and firemen, if they own guns and keep them in their houses.

Do your neighbors shoot at police and firemen responding to a call in your town? Parts of Chicago are known for violence and lawlessness, but aren’t there “hot spots” in your town? Daley’s hysterical nonsense sets up certain lawsuits and more controversy.


2 Responses to “Chicago’s Mayor Daly fights 2nd Amendment ruling”

  1. Mark Says:

    Which is why, though I worked in Illinois for 8 years, while living in Indiana, I ended up rejecting the idea to move there.

    It’s amazing that the local media let’s him spew such unsupported nonsense.

  2. Jake Witmer Says:

    I’m an Alaska resident who often works in IL. I moved to AK because they have the best gun laws (none).

    I am doing what I can to change the fact that I often have to go to IL, to visit family and friends. It sickens me that Daley’s war on individual rights has not been soundly rejected by the voters, but that should be a wake-up call to all of us: Whether you use your rights or not, someone does use them, or they would not be built into our Bill of Rights. The government is nothing more than coercion, as anyone who has ever fought a traffic ticket understands.

    Let’s all move to Wyoming. I have convinced several family members that that is a good idea, and WY will have several more libertarian voters by the 2012 election cycle.

    BTW: A few years ago, I argued a bit with Rob in this forum, on the principle that he should build me a lefthanded “cavalry draw” holster, if I was willing to buy it. I forgot about it, having been using a paddle holster, at the range. I have since decided to be a bit more doctrinaire, and buy a normal right-handed answer from him, since the training I am receiving requires it, and I will soon be ordering a weapons system from him, for my XD. Glad to see he’s still going strong.

    I also strongly recommend the book “Adventures in Legal Land” for those who wish to understand the way the law works, as well as the website: http://www.fija.org



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