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Archive for June, 2007

I wish I’d written this.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 30th June 2007

If you’re up for reading an interesting and well-written blog post that singes some hair, read this James Lewis blog post called, “Free speech is unfair to losers.” It’s posted on American Thinker. Check it out here.

BTW, I know that I don’t present a balanced point of view here, and it’s OK if you disagree. I may post it or not. I’m arbitrary, too.

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Ever seen a polar bear’s jaw drop?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 28th June 2007

This headline from London’s Daily Mail newspaper sure made my jaw drop:

“Putin’s Artic invasion: Russia lays claim to the North Pole – and all its gas, oil and diamonds.” (link)  

Are you kidding me? WTFO?

If you’ve been paying attention, this is not the first time Putin has shown that he’s no longer our harmless Ruski drinking buddy with a “good heart” – as in this Newsmax story from June 19, 2007 or this Reuters report from today:

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Six years ago, U.S. President George W. Bush said he gazed into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s soul. Now he just wants to see if they can get along.”

All of a sudden I can hear “Roseanne Roseannadanna” from her grave saying, “Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something.” 

Damn straight! It is always something. If it’s not Russia, it’s China. If it’s not the middle east, it’s Africa, it’s Chavez in Venezuela, it’s immigration, the “fairness doctine” or more “gotcha politics.”

I gotta’ consider giving up my “news junkie” obsession and live in ignorance.

Before Ronald Reagan was elected (during the Carter years) I found myself very discouraged with the way the U.S. was responding to world events. I heaved an audible sigh of relief during the Reagan years, and now I look back on “Ronnie” as a model for great leadership and effective communication. (YMMV.)

Is there another Reagan anywhere on the horizon to deal with the challenges we’ll be facing? Could it be Fred? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, keep your eye on Russia. Putin’s got more up his sleeve as nationalism strengthens once more in Moscow. Right now the Russian bear is looking at the Artic as its own mighty tasty baby seal! What’s next?

Oh yeah, don’t forget Tucker Gunleather for long either. We may have a lead time, but we’re crankin’ out leather and shipping it to our waiting customers every day. Is it our fault we got discovered?

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Deer Roping Story – been around, but you may have missed it.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 27th June 2007

I received this story by email from a customer and have no idea what the original source is, or if it’s true. (If you know, then let us all know.) I don’t care. It’s funny. (I don’t think this guy’s a native Texan)…..Here’s how it starts…

“I had this idea that I was going to rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for a couple of weeks, then kill it and eat it. The first step in this adventure was getting a deer. I figured that since they congregated at my cattle feeder and did not seem to have much fear of me when we are there (a bold one will sometimes come right up and sniff at the bags of feed while I am in the back of the truck not 4 feet away) that it should not be too difficult to rope one, get up to it and toss a bag over its head (to calm it down) then hog tie it and transport it home.
I filled the cattle feeder then hid down at the end with my rope. The cattle, who had seen the roping thing before, stayed well back. They were not having any of it. After about 20 minutes my deer showed up – 3 of them.   

I picked out a likely looking one, stepped out from the end of the feeder, and threw my rope. The deer just stood there and stared at me. I wrapped the rope around my waist and twisted the end so I would have a good hold. The deer still just ignored the whole rope situation. I took a step towards it…it took a step away. I put a little tension on the rope and received an education….”

Click here for the rest of the story.

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Ever notice how often someone who can’t get agreement for their point of view gets the government to force it down your throat?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 20th June 2007

I’m old enough to remember the “fairness doctrine” which regulated political speech on the radio, requiring “equal time” and “point/counterpoint.” If you had a radio program and supported a political point of view, you had to have the opposing point of view presented as well, to be “fair.”

Since the repeal of the fairness doctrine, talk radio has exploded in popularity, power and number of listeners. Because most of it is conservative talk radio, the liberal democrats and others left of center have been hyperventilating while launching unsuccessful liberal talk radio shows that can’t compete.

Now there’s a new likelyhood that some new law or regulation will be proposed soon that has the same effect as the fairness doctine. It would kill political talk radio and that would please the left. Ever notice how often someone who can’t get agreement for their point of view gets the government to pass a law to force it down your throat?

I just read a very recent article from a “progressive” website that points to the left’s next step to alter the talk radio landscape. Pay attention to this trend, stay informed and let your representatives know your opinion on this threat to free speech.

Here’s a link to the article, “Report: The Right Wing Domination of Talk Radio and How to End it.”

Newsmax picked up on this story as well:

What do you think?

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Reason or Force?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 18th June 2007

“Markos” is a blogger, former Airborne Ranger and a fulltime dad. Some have mistakenly attributed the following to a retired Marine Major who forwarded it to a friend. It’s been around the web but you may have missed it. It’s a fresh point of view.

WHY THE GUN IS CIVILIZATION by Marko Kloos, “The Munchkin Wrangler.”

“Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another:
reason and force. If you want me to do something for you,
you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or
force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every
human interaction falls into one of those two categories,
without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.
In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively
interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid
method of social interaction, and the only thing that
removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as
paradoxical as it may sound to some.
When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You
have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have
a way to negate your threat or employment of force. The
gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound
woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger,
a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old
gang banger, and a single gay guy on equal footing with a
carload of drunk guys with baseball bats. The gun removes
the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers
between a potential attacker and a defender.
There are plenty of people who consider the gun as the
source of bad force equations. These are the people who
think that we’d be more civilized if all guns were removed
from society, because a firearm makes it easier for a
[armed] mugger to do his job. That, of course,

is only true if the mugger’s potential victims are mostly
disarmed either by choice or by legislative fiat–it has
no validity when most of a mugger’s potential marks are
armed. People who argue for the banning of arms ask for
automatic rule by the young, the strong, and the many, and
that’s the exact opposite of a civilized society. A
 mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful
living in a society where the state has granted him a
force monopoly.”

Link to original blog post (posted Friday, March 23, 2007) here. I tried to email Markos for permission through a link on his blog to post this article, but was unsuccessful in contacting his email address as shown. I post it will full attribution and a link to his blog.

Thanks to Don who sent me a copy of the article. I welcome any “heads up” emails or articles from readers. I don’t get out much any more.


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Is the Melting Pot Boiling Over?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 16th June 2007

I grew up a few miles from UCLA and took a few courses in the summer between semesters at USC. It’s always been a diverse campus where anyone can get a great education subsidized by the state of California.

Now, with graduation season in full bloom, I read the following article in the City Journal and feel completely outraged and disturbed. It’s called, “Let the Segregation Commence – Separatist graduations proliferate at UCLA” by John Leo.

“Commencement weekend is hard to plan at the University of California, Los Angeles. The university now has so many separate identity-group graduations that scheduling them not to conflict with one another is a challenge. The women’s studies graduation and the Chicana/Chicano studies graduation are both set for 10 AM Saturday. The broader Hispanic graduation, “Raza,” is in near-conflict with the black graduation, which starts just an hour later.

Planning was easier before a new crop of ethnic groups pushed for inclusion. Students of Asian heritage were once content with the Asian–Pacific Islanders ceremony. But now there are separate Filipino and Vietnamese commencements, and some talk of a Cambodian one in the future.Years ago, UCLA sponsored an Iranian graduation, but the school’s commencement office couldn’t tell me if the event was still around. The entire Middle East may yet be a fertile source for UCLA commencements.”

When you read the article (link below), note the part where the university administration encourages non-whites to arrive at campus in the fall to “bond” before the caucasian students arrive.

This article disturbs the hell out of me. The concept of the “melting pot” has served us well in the United States, even if imperfectly executed. Now, we underline our differences and highlight our racial, religious and gender-based point’s of view in the name of “diversity” and wrap it up in a “victimhood.”

Without a sense of a common future will the distinct groups in the U.S. really stand for what’s best for the country as a whole? Is the future one of more politics of separation? Do you want to live with that?  I, for one, do not.

What do you think?  Read the Article and let me know.      


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