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Al Gore should get his head out of his ass.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on March 24th, 2007

Want an intelligent discussion of global warming? It’s not coming from Al Gore. Poor Al is simply searching for personal relevance and a revival of his political career. I think it’s a matter of time before he is embarassingly discredited and has to hide in a closet sucking his thumb for the rest of his life.

I’ve followed this debate about global warming with great interest, especially the almost religious fervor of the leftist environmental community. Dissent or disbelief of the global warming dogma is met with scorn, derision and, in a few instances, calls for violence against non-believers. Politics is twisting the science and the media is telling only half the story.

I’ve read accounts of children, taught the global warming story in school, who worry about global warming like a previous generation worried about nuclear war. That’s outrageous.

The basic argument is that the planet is warming rapidly and that man is responsible by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere -not simply mankind, but modern, technological, fuel-burning mankind – prosperous, wealth-producing mankind.

I don’t believe it and neither should you. Carbon dioxide is not the culprit here and there’s substantial evidence to refute any claim that it is the cause of global warming. You should care, because if the environmental alarmists have their way, it will have disastrous consequences for our economy and the prosperity of emerging economies in the third world.

Set aside some time and watch this very understandable, interesting and well-presented British documentary.  Here’s an alternate link if the first link is down – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XttV2C6B8pU.

13 Responses to “Al Gore should get his head out of his ass.”

  1. Mark Says:

    Okay, gotta leave your list now, and remove your RSS from my feed. You’ve crossed the line from knowledgeable holster salesman to someone who’s head is up his ass, just as you accused Vice President Gore. Perhaps, sticking to business rather than opinion would be a better choice for you.

  2. Rob Longenecker Says:

    I certainly risk alienating some with my Al Gore rant and maybe it would fit better on some political blog instead.

    I can appreciate personal beliefs and I understand that I don’t have the corner on the truth. Still, I’d take a suitable bet that Al Gore is wrong and that he has his personal identity tied up in the issue. We’ll see.

  3. GBlaser Says:


    I liked the post about Al Gore. I guess some people can’t handle a difference of opinion. My inlaws are like that, they want me to hear their side but won’t listen to mine. Whether I agree or not makes no differnce on whether I’ll do
    business with you. Looking forward to my new holster, with more to come.


  4. Don DeBusk Says:

    Personally, Im an “Independent” and I really dont care what happens to Algore. He did NOT invent the internet and he is certainly misinformed on the issue of “Global Warming”. Actually, it is NOT the planet that is heating up and it damn sure has nothing to do with so called, “greenhouse gasses” alledgedly emmited by “evil humans”. It is, in fact, the OCEANS that are heating up! Want a culprit to blame? Blame Geology; specifically, plate techtonics. Submarine, volcanic activity. Are we being “picked on” for being money-grubbing capitalists? Not so much. This has happend every 11,500 years for as far back as geologists can reckon. Guess how long its been since the last ice age? EXACTLY 11,500yrs! We are actually OVERDUE! Guess what preceeds an ice age? Ocean warming! Nice try, AL! Go gettum’ Tiger!

  5. Jarett Elliott Says:

    If “Mark” (why do the ones that always complain never give us a last name?) is so offended by one man’s opinion and so enchanted by Al Gore I’m personally surprised that he owns a firearm to put in any holter that he may have had to fortune to procure from Tucker. I say good rindence my friend. But a word of caution, Tucker is the only one that makes the best damn holsters in the world. And as a wise one once told me don’t burn to many bridges, because you may have to go back that way.

  6. Bruce Gibson Says:

    I’ve always had an annoying (to some) attachment to the First Amendment. Say whatever you want, Rob…just keep those pics & videos coming!

    And I’ll take some global warming down here–It’s cold as hell outside!

  7. John M. Wildenthal Says:

    Let’s see. The planet warmed up significantly about 1000 years ago. It warmed up significantly about 2000 years ago. Scientists don’t have an explanation about why it warmed up either of those two episodes. But they *know* it is something different this time?

  8. Rod Campbell Says:

    Sorry, Rob, but you’re way off base. There is NO debate within the legitimate scientific community any more about humans affecting climate change/global warming. That issue is settled. What remains is to determine how to respond, and what effect the response will have. Surely, we’re past the point of debating whether pollution is “bad”, just as we’re past the point about whether smoking is “bad”. I’d recommend actually watching “An Inconvenient Truth” before commenting on it. Then look more into additional sources, such as the National Academy of Science. A head in the sand ideological approach may be comforting, but it’s neither realistic nor helpful.

  9. Rob Longenecker Says:

    “No debate.” I’m fascinated by this issue and it’s mostly by the “there’s no debate” aspect of it.

    Naturally, I’m willing to eat crow and a slice of humble pie as the fluids begin to evaporate from my body in the heat and I wait anxiously for the tide to rise to cool my fevered brow.

    Meanwhile, I remain unconvinced by the evidence and perversely persuaded to be skeptical by the intense conviction of the “there’s no debate about it, global warming is real, who-is-me the sky is falling” team.

    When it’s time to tell me, “I told you so,” I’ll either be right here to hear it or you can come by and piss on my gravesite. Meanwhile, I just can’t get the “there’s no debate about it” point of view.

    Interesting point and counterpoint arguments continue. Here’s one from today’s news – http://tinyurl.com/36jyvw

  10. Mike Voogd Says:

    “..NO debate within the legitimate scientific community..”

    So in other words, as long as you don’t try to debate us, you’re part of the legitimate scientific community. There are actually a lot of scientists who don’t think pollution et al is RESPONSIBLE for global warming as much as it might just CONTRIBUTE to it. But even they are drowned out by the shrill voices of Al Gore and his doomsayers.

    You’re right Rob, these guys just don’t get that shutting someone down because you think you have all the answers is not conducive to the true scientific approach.

    And even if you thought the world was flat I’d still buy Tucker’s holsters from you. 🙂

  11. Rob Longenecker Says:

    Good comment. Do you mean the world’s NOT Flat?

  12. Tucker Gunleather Blog » Blog Archive » Still Dark in there ain’t it Mr. Gore? Says:

    […] Al Gore talks about “global warming deniers” in the same context as  “holocaust deniers” in order to stifle debate. Why does Mr. Gore have so much at stake? Because, he better not be found out to be just a porky, pretentious, pissant version of Chicken Little. His whole identity is now tied up with his global warming theories and prognostications about impending doom. (See original “dark place” post.) […]

  13. Craig Goodrich Says:

    Rob #8:

    There is NO debate within the legitimate scientific community any more about humans affecting climate change/global warming. That issue is settled.

    Yep, it’s settled; there is no measurable human effect. Solar cycles and other even less-understood cyclical effects account for 100% of the observed data.

    Moreover, there have always been two prongs to the argument against GW alarmism: not only is it not anthropogenic, but even if it were, at this point nothing can be done. Interesting that the latter point has now (Feb 09) been embraced by genuine True Believers.

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