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      "Tucker Gunleather has been VERY helpful with my purchase and to make sure I order the right size and type of my belt. It is being made for me, and I am sure it will arrive in a timely manner. The personal sevice is the most impressive!"

      -- Connie Doe Burgess

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Buried Carry

Posted by Rob Longenecker on December 4th, 2006

I see people wearing IWB with the gun buried in their pants with the trigger guard way below the belt line and the grip barely accessible. I have people who request a low ride height like that with one of Tucker’s IWB holsters and strongly recommend against it. It can get you killed. It’s slow and risky under stress.

Some will justify whatever they’re doing no matter what professional advice is given because they’re a “unique and wonderfully skilled” human being who’s practiced doing it “their way.”

If you wear your gun low in your pants, you will not be able to get a full firing grip and draw in one motion. You will have to use thumb and two fingers to get the pistol moving out of the holster and the re-grip the gun during the presentation.

You may say that you have no problem with your “buried carry” method and you just like what you like, do what you do. Under the stress of “hurry up or die” it may let you down. Your small muscles lose their touch when you think you may die in a defensive confrontation. 

It’s not like practice at all. Listen to the guys who’ve been there and read the reports. It’s never like you imagined, not like you practiced and you’ll live or die by the proper fundamentals designed to work when your nerves are bathed in adrenaline.

This picture below of Tucker wearing his “Answer” IWB shows the proper ride height. It allows you to get your fingers all the way around the grip, put your hand high on the gun with your forearm properly aligned with the barrel/slide. It allows you to respond to threat with a smooth drawstroke with no fumbling and re-gripping.

Set yourself up to succeed and survive. “Buried carry” can lead to another kind of burial. Then you can tell St. Peter  and Jeff Cooper how well it worked in practice.

Pictures080802 017.jpg

3 Responses to “Buried Carry”

  1. Doug B Says:

    Very well put. I say if you bury it …why carry it?

  2. Don DeBusk Says:

    One of the things that makes this life so interesting and rewarding, is that there is no shortage of people who know more than I do. I shoot as much as I am able; financially and time wise. I shoot every kind of match I can get to; IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, PPC. I do dry fire, presentation and mag change drills in front of the TV several nights a week. I carry concealed, OWB, or IWB everyday. Do I know everything about carry, shooting, ergonomics, biomechanics? NOT EVEN CLOSE. I fancy myself a keen observer. I watch others methods very closely and pick others brains for insight. I read as much as I can on the subject of SD and tactics. I am a neophite.
    Every time I talk to Rob about any of these subjects, or holster choice and design, I learn something I never knew before.

    Listen to everyone with humility and “teachability”. Use your brain to strain the good from the bad. Try others methods, which seem as though they could be sound. Never stop learning.

    Personally, if I cant get my pistol out of my carry choice, and get a shot off in less than a second, I feel I have no business carrying at all. Using a tuckable holster tucked is pushing it for me. Its taken hundreds of hours of practice and several torn shirts. The idea of burying it… that would surely bury me.

  3. Tucker Gunleather Blog » Blog Archive » Trust Your Holster-Maker. Says:

    […] sent him a link to this post called “Buried Carry.”  The jist of it is that you must be able to get a full firing grip on your pistol in the […]

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