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      "Tucker Gunleather has been VERY helpful with my purchase and to make sure I order the right size and type of my belt. It is being made for me, and I am sure it will arrive in a timely manner. The personal sevice is the most impressive!"

      -- Connie Doe Burgess

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Archive for December, 2006

His lady made it happen – Part Five

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 31st December 2006

Don’s lady was very intentional and got Don his Tucker Gunleather HF1 rig in time for Christmas. If his review weren’t enough evidence of his happy state, his lady emailed me to thank Tucker for providing Don with the best Christmas present ever! I sure appreciate that – Tucker will, too.

Here’s Don’s final chapter of his review:


As I am 6’4”, a 1-3/4” belt doesn’t bother me.  I ordered it with the “thinner”, 3/16” option.  The standard Tucker belt is stated as being ¼” thick.  Having received mine and measured it, I now know why they say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”  Evidently, this also applies to their rulers. 

My “thinner” belt came in at a skosh over ¼” inch.  I can only imagine that the full tilt, standard version is gonna be a hefty 9/16+.  You cannot accuse Tucker of scrimping!

I opted to have the belt tapered down from 1 ¾” to 1 ¼” at the buckle (a top notch, solid-brass boat anchor), which keeps it from goring my tummy, when seated.

The weird part about this belt is just how supple it is.  I’m telling you, this thing is like a piece of medieval leather armor, yet it flexes and conforms easily.  I’m beginning to think there is some sort of Voodoo connection here…

The bottom line is that this William Tucker dude has got this stuff FIGURED OUT!  This is a guy who has carried 1911’s for most of his life and has been building holsters to suit them for nearly as long.  He knows ALL the tricks.  He has paid his dues. 

We are just lucky enough to reap the benefits.

As I have stated in the past, doing business with Rob Longenecker is a pleasing and informative interaction.  He is no salesman, but rather a Gunleather consultant.  He is as invested in getting you exactly what you want and need as you are.  That said, he’s about as nice a guy as you’ll ever find; a true gentleman, par excellence.

I strongly recommend jumping on one of these magnificent holster rigs ASAP.  Before Tucker and Longenecker figure out what they’ve got here and start charging what they’re really worth!  Shhhhhh! ”


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The lady made it happen – Part Four

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 30th December 2006

We last left Don waxing eloquent about Tucker’s Double Angled Mag Pouch. He continues with his detailed review of Tucker’s HF1 Holster. He should be a published reviewer because of the details he notices. 


This holster is a PHENOM! I could easily do two pages on the virtues of this thing. In short, it brings the idea of “CONSTUCTED” into a whole, new light. The, out-of-box fit is tight, yet NOT immature. It draws like leather you’ve owned for years. The way Tucker makes these holsters is as though they KNOW the gun. It draws and reholsters, with the same friction. It is NOT overly tight. It just feels like an old friend is handing you your gun; only a slight resistance, making sure you really want it.

The two most important issues in a new leather holster are gun fit and draw. Most, if not all (Horseshoe, being the only exception of which I’m aware), premier manufacturers, remove the form from the leather prematurely, so it will “suck up”, in order to insure solid retention. You, nearly always, end up with a holster that it takes two guys and a come-along to draw the gun from. It’s this attitude that necessitated the invention of the wax paper trick. This is a ridiculous notion to Tucker, evidenced by the fact that this holster, while tight, draws like something months old. I held the thing upside down, with a loaded Les Baer in it, shook it, and the gun didn’t move a millimeter. Yet, I can draw the gun relatively easily.

The cocobolo tools Tucker uses to do his boning do a great job of fitting the leather to the form of the 1911. The detail is there, but not over-done. I would swear that he boned the cowhide lining, before boning the outer layer. That’s how good the fit/retention is! The end product looks like a HOLSTER! Not a traced outline of a gun.


How Tucker gets this level of retention AND present-ability is the one thing that makes me want to go to Houston and see how he really does it! Another Tucker trademark is the way the HF-1 snugs into your body. How he knew the exact width of my right thumb is uncanny, but he must have because that is the precise distance between my side and the upper grip on my 1911’s. Tres strange! The butt of the grip rests gently against my side, making for tremendous concealability. How anything this BEEFY can be concealed at all is miraculous, but the reality is that it completely disappears under a thin jacket.

I specified a 15 degree FBI cant and that’s spot-on. Tucker’s standard cant is 13-14 degrees, which for most, is ample. When putting the holster on, I adjusted it to my familiar 4 o’clock spot and presto, comfort and no wrist break.

As mentioned above, the HF-1 is a rock. While the hand of the leather is luxurious, the rigidity resultant of the design is total. The cowhide lining (optional) makes for a cozy and smooth resting place for my prized pistols.

I also opted for the body shield (Tucker calls it a Sweat Shield) as my Baers have extended thumb safeties (read, diving board), which can get rather aggressive over a day of carry. The shield is a minimalist arrangement; just enough to protect my tender love handles.

In a world of look-a-like knock-offs, the Tucker HF-1 is pleasantly visually unique; a real eye catcher.”

One more post in the series – “THE BELT” – will follow soon.


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His lady made it happen – Part Three

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 29th December 2006

Don’s Tucker Gunleather rig review continues – all because his lady made it happen.

“OK, suffice to say, the build quality of this rig… has no equal.

Now for the fun stuff!


“Double angled” mag pouch?  Man, did I ever think this was… not only WEIRD, but completely contrary to everything I thought about mag changes.  What a dummy!  As it turns out, both Tucker and Longenecker are VERY experienced and lauded competition shooters. 

Together, they came up with the whacky idea that angling their mags rearward; kept the wrist from breaking and enabled them to make a clean, circular sweep, from gun, to mag, to gun, without breaking the wrist… which costs you time.  The boys were really on to something here. 

For weeks prior to receiving my rig, I played with my Fobus Roto mag pouch, canting it rearward.  Yanno what?  Those crazy kids NAILED IT!  Rearward cant really IS more natural and faster.  Who knew?


The mag pouches are of the same quality and build as the holster.  The backing is softer, so as to enable the user to fully benefit from the dual tension screws.  You can customize the pouch to literally ANY friction coefficient you prefer.  They lay amazingly flat against the body, making it virtually impossible to print on your left side.” 

In his next post, Don will detail his thoughts about his HF1 holster.

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His lady made it happen – Part Two.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 28th December 2006

In the first post we learned that Don got his Christmas present only because his lady insisted Tucker get it done in time to put it under the tree.

Here’s the continuation of Don’s thoughtful review of his HF1 rig:

“I am an anally retentive, detail-inspecting, quality-discerning nut-case.  I’ve gone over every single millimeter of this rig and here’s what I’ve found:


The leather is absolutely first quality.  I won’t go into laborious detail about Tucker’s leather tanning processes, but I’ve never seen anything better and I’m a fanatic about good leather.  I’ve never seen leather construction so thick, yet so incredibly supple… but that only goes for the belt.  The HF-1 holster is a work of engineering art, in terms of its rigidity and form.  Stiff and absolutely defiant to deformation; no cheesy metal, or plastic inserts here.  There are simply no better quality materials, or methods used in the holster industry.


The tooling and stamping on the set is flawless.  Every single cut is continuous and contiguous.  There is not a single mismatch, overrun, or alignment issue anywhere on any of the three pieces.  The equidistance of the flare stamping is a revelation of Tucker’s attention to detail. 

The dying of each piece is uniform.  It does not appear to be vat dyed (which I prefer), but vat dying tends to soften leather too much (as it involves agitating) and, at least in a holster rig, could compromise fit and function.  The (if it is) surface dying, really is flawless and again, very consistent.

The, now trademark-white stitching is also amazingly well blended.  To look at this rig, you’d swear he never reset the needle.  I can find not a single stitch stop, restart, or tie off.  It takes years to hone real skill on a Bostich machine (assumption)…  Tucker has put in some time here!


OK, suffice to say, the build quality of this rig… has no equal.

Now for the fun stuff!

To be continued…..see the next blog post.

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His lady made it happen – Part One.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 26th December 2006

Amazing ladies make their guys happy when they won’t take no for an answer. Don’s lady ordered a complete Tucker HF1 rig with holster, belt and mag pouch for Christmas.

In the last days before Christmas, when I told her that the order wouldn’t get to her in time due to Tucker’s backlog, she wouldn’t hear of it.

She made a powerful request that Tucker couldn’t ignore. So, thanks to Tucker and UPS Overnight Saturday delivery it all worked out for Don and his lady.

Don got his gift under the Christmas tree and immediately wrote a detailed review of his new rig and posted it on one of the gun forums. Don invited me to post the review here. It’s well-written with great detail so I will spread it out over several posts. (Many of you have told me that reviews like this are helpful and interesting.) Don begins his review as follows:

“Preface:  I’ve tried and been intimately introduced to a LOT of high-end rigs over the years.  I’ve used and perused rigs from Sparks, Mernickle, Kramer, Arratoonian, Alessi, Galco, Nossar, Rosen… the list is endless and the holsters would easily fill a short-bed pickup.

I’m rarely at a loss for words, but my first impressions of my new, complete, Tucker Gunleather HF-1 Rig, can be summed up in a word, WOW!  Read on, only if you’re a nit-picking- buggar, like me! Here is the SHORT version of the specs:HF1 holster.  Crosscut stamping

1-¾” belt, “thinner” option (more about this later), tapered to 1-¼”at the buckle

Double, angled mag pouch.

All in matching, black cherry.

If you’ve been keeping up with my recent ramblings, you know I’ve been drooling over this rig for some time.  It finally arrived, via eight tiny reindeer. 

I am an anally retentive, inspecting, quality discerning nut-case.  I’ve gone over every single millimeter of this rig and here’s what I’ve found:”

(to be continued)



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When the Answer’s not the answer…..

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 22nd December 2006

When Tucker’s Answer IWB just doesn’t float your boat for whatever reason, consider the Texas Heritage IWB (all leather – two belt clips).

Just because the Answer gets so much publicity don’t think it’s the only way to fly. We sell almost as many Texas Heritage IWB’s and people really like them. I do, too. I have several.

While there are many testimonials to the Texas Heritage on the website, a recent customer pointed me to a post on the Sig Forum he had read that persuaded him to buy the Texas Heritage.  I’ve seen it before but, reading it again, I think it’s worth giving you a link.

There’s some give and take, numerous points of view and lots of facts to chew on in this thread of posts on the Sig Forum. If you haven’t given the Texas Heritage a look, it’s time to see if it might be your next IWB.

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A Bigger Game

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 22nd December 2006

Want to  play a bigger game than “what do you want for Christmas?”

The following might be worth considering. I’ve experienced the power of it. There are biblical and historical writings that say nearly the same.

  “There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking.”

       ~ William James, 1842-1910,
         Psychologist and Author

Wanting the best for you and yours in 2007.


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What’s Possible for you in 2007?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 21st December 2006

As you look ahead to 2007 are you going to go for something that inspires you? What would it take to have your best year yet? Sure, it could be in your business or career, but it could be in any area of your life. Are you willing to risk being comfortable to have something that excites you just thinking about it?

I know this community has a wide variety of people in many different occupations and situations with many points of view and common sense as well.

I’m curious to know what you’re up to. What turns you on and lights you up as you plan for 2007?

Are you going to start or grow your business?  Are you looking to change careers, add to your family, move somewhere you’ve always wanted to live? Have you decided to retire to the country,  the mountains or the sea?

Are you pulled toward something worth doing this coming year?

What could be more exciting than having a dream you’re actually taking action to make real?  If you know where you want to be by the end of the year 2007, what’s missing that you are going to turn into a goal and go for it?

I want to know. Inspire me. Inspire each other. Let’s all have our best year yet in 2007.

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Be Careful What You Ask For.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 18th December 2006

Wow!  Our Christmas promotion produced amazing results!  We’ve had an extraordinary flood of orders.  When you heard about the promotion or got our emails many of you really responded quickly and with enthusiasm.

Tucker and I appreciate it. 

Now Tucker is committed to produce all the work you’ve given him as quickly as possible. I want you to know that in the first week of January Tucker will have some help.  Not only that but he’s pledged to work more hours and weekends, too.  You can count on every effort to get your order to you because we know it’s important to you.

I will be emailing customers with updates when things settle down a bit.

Thank you! We really appreciate your business.





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Tucker’s Early Christmas present.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 10th December 2006

I just stumbled accross an online “attaboy” I’d like to share. Sure, it’s shameless self-promotion.  I’m in business to sell top-drawer concealed carry gear. I want everyone to know about Tucker Gunleather and then buy a bunch of it.

Tonight I took a break and paid a visit to the 1911Forum and found this thread in which a guy asked his online buddies for help in choosing an IWB holster. He was looking at two choices and the real question was, “Is the Answer the way to go?” The answer from his buddies was “you bet and then some.”

If you’ve been considering whether you should buy a Tucker Answer IWB holster or a recent attempt at a “me too” look-a-like, this post from experienced Answer users may clear up any question about your choice. The Answer holster has probably had more positive press, more crazy loyal fans and more online discussion than any other IWB holster out there. Testimonials fill my inbox.


Ready for your Answer? – Tucker wants to give you a Christmas present. From now until December 15, 2006 we’re running a very delicious deal and you can find it right here.

This offer was originally mailed out to previous and existing customers only – an exclusive deal. Tonight Tucker told me to share the deal with anyone who might have been dreaming of an Answer but needed an incentive to pull the trigger. This discount may not happen again for a long time. Ready, Aim, Fire!

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