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      -- Connie Doe Burgess

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Archive for September, 2006

Why does Tucker “rough it?”

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 29th September 2006

Usually, I look forward to returning phone calls because it means I’m getting another Tucker Gunleather order or there’s some guy who just got his new leather and wants me to “tell Tucker” how much he likes it. I end up “telling Tucker” several times a day. That’s one of the most fun parts of my job. Tucker likes hearing it, too. Very much. (proud of his work, don’tcha’ know.)

Today I returned a call to a customer who had a question about his new Texas Heritage IWB. He liked the way it was made and how well the gun fit, but he asked me, “Did Tucker do it on purpose?” 

“Do what on purpose?” I said.

He said, “The piece of leather next to my body got flipped so that the rough side is toward my skin – that’s got to be a mistake, right? I ordered the holster in “smoothout.” (continued below pictures.)
TX Heritage 001.jpg  Smooth Side  TX Heritage 002.jpg Rough Side

I told him he might be glad when he wore his Texas Heritage in the heat and humidity.

Smooth leather next to your skin when you sweat can be “tacky” feeling and irritating, but the “rough” side isn’t really that rough and the texture will allow air circulation while not  sticking to your skin.   It’s  more comfortable for many people that way.

Tucker does have your comfort in mind at all times, so you can have it however you want it.  If you want roughout toward your jeans and smooth toward your skin, you can have that, too. 

Just ask for what you want. You can always give extra details with your order in the “comments” section before you  submit your order. You can always call and talk to me to make sure you get it exactly the way you want.

I thought I’d share this with the many of you who have a Texas Heritage or who are about to order one. This way I won’t have to be ‘splainin’ it all the time.  Just remember, whether you order “smoothout” or “roughout” the side toward your skin will be rough side out unless you request otherwise. Keep that in mind when ordering.

It may be time to put a Texas Heritage on your hip and check it out for yourself, but I’m warning you – if you do, you’ll be calling me to say, “Hey, will you tell Tucker how great I think his holster is?”





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A Surprising Hidden Secret – You’ll Want to Learn It.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 28th September 2006

First, click here to watch this aviation video, then read “the rest of the story” below. You’ll see how this applies directly to any skill, including shooting. (Don’t cheat yourself – watch the video first.)


The first part of the hidden secret in the “Pulling G’s” video is that Blue Angel pilots don’t wear g-suits and still manage to pull 7 g’s without getting tunnel vision or blacking out. Other Naval Aviators who fly high performance aircraft do have g-suits and are used to wearing them for every flight. The second part of the secret is why the Blue Angels don’t wear g-suits.  (Note: there’s an important lesson related to the secret as well.)

Blue Angel pilots fly the “demo” with wing overlap and wingtips just a few feet away from each other’s canopies.  I was a Naval Flight Instructor (not a Blue Angel) and taught formation flying. The control movements are small – more pressure than actual movements. G-suits can be detrimental.

G-suits have air bladders which inflate automatically to keep the blood from pooling in the legs and abdomen as g-loads increase. There is an air bladder on top of the thigh, right where the pilot rests his forearm when holding the control stick.

The “anchor point” of forearm on upper thigh allows for precise stick control – like when you anchor your hand or arm to something when you write longhand or do precise handwork.

If the bladder is inflating and deflating while the pilot is flying 3 feet from wingtip to canopy it will cause unintended movement of the controls. So, Blue Angels don’t wear g-suits. You’ll notice this as you watch them walk to their aircraft before the flight demonstration.

Blue Angel pilots get themselves into tremendous physical shape and learn to grunt a particular way (tightening the abdomen) when pulling g’s.  They train in centrifuges that produce high g-forces and they learn to stay conscious under those high g-loads or they don’t make the team.

The guy in the back seat in the video (who is used to wearing a g-suit) blacks out without it.  He’s grunting but it’s not working.

The hidden story behind this video underlines that there are always “professional secrets” and distinctions to learn as part of mastering any valuable skill.  You can watch a master at work and totally miss those secrets because you don’t have those distinctions. That applies to shooting and many other sports as well.

Watching the top guns shoot is valuable, but they have distinctions you don’t have and can’t pick up through observation.  That’s why, if you want to excel in any sport or profession, you must have a coach, someone who can communicate the distinctions to which you are currently blind. 

One could watch the “pulling G’s” video a hundred times and not know the information I just revealed.  It’s the same with martial arts, shooting and many other life skills.  Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. Even Michael Jordan, the best of the best, had a coach.

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What is the Mozambique Drill?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 24th September 2006

Mozambiquedrill.gifMozambique Drill on Silhouette Target
Mozambique Drill was added to the modern technique of gunfighting by Jeff Cooper based on the experience of one of his students, Mike Rouseau, while on duty in Mozambique. Rouseau was later killed in action in the Rhodesian War.

The Mozambique Drill considers the deficiency of the pistol round in stopping an adversary. Statistics show that reactions in gunfights are extremely irregular — one must be prepared for the worst. Many times it is the case that after absorbing the trauma of the first shots, the enemy will disregard further ballistic insult. It has been pointed out that simply “more shots” are not the answer. The Mozambique Drill instructs the shooter to place a double-tap in the center of mass, followed by a carefully aimed headshot.

Contrary to popular belief, the immediate aim of defensive shooting is to incapacitate a target so as to render that person unable to attack. Unlike what is commonly seen on television and in movies, gunshot wounds rarely kill instantly. The incapacitation caused by gunshots is the result of neurocirculatory shock. The trauma resulting from impact and wound channel after two shots to a target’s center of mass will produce a reflexive nervous system collapse in about 96% of cases. In the other 4%, either an adrenaline rush or the effect of stimulant drugs will override this reflex, and further shots will not produce this instantly-incapacitating shock. Because of this, the third shot should be aimed to destroy the brain, ensuring that the target’s nervous system will shut down and leave the target unable to attack. This third shot is most effective when placed between a target’s eyes as a higher shot is more likely to deflect off of hard bone and a lower shot is unlikely to produce the nervous system damage required to instantly stop an attacker.

Also known as the ‘failure to stop drill’ or ‘2+1 drill’. As part of the U.S. National Guard Combat Pistol and other military combat pistol competitions, the Mozambique Drill is called Body Armor Defeat, and is frequently a discriminator between the average shooter and the gifted shooter, especially when it is timed.


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Will You Be Hit By A Home Invasion?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 22nd September 2006

What Are Your Chances of Being Hit By a Home Invasion?

The New York City-based Insurance Information Institute suggests that everyone protect against “a physical or virtual break-in,” especially during the summer months when a greater number of home invasions occur. (I can’t get too excited about their suggestions because we figured this part out a long time ago.)

The institute suggested some tips to prevent residential burglaries:

  • Keep exterior lights on at night and put indoor lights on a timer.
  • Don’t make it easy for crooks to break in. Slow down burglars with dead-bolted windows and doors.
  • Get a burglar alarm that will notify police and fire if your home is broken into.”

These tips are insufficient. All your preventive measures may not prevent home invaders from gaining entry. Then, if it happens, you can’t ask for a time out while you wait for the police. Can you even alert the police? Are you going to stand there with your thumb stuck in a dark place mumbling, “I can’t believe this is happening to me.”

Have you ever discussed this with your family? Do you have a plan? Often there’s little time to respond. There’s certainly no time for planning during a surprise entry.

I assume you have a firearm and are trained to use it. Have you told your family to retreat to a defendable area with a telephone, lights and where a firearm is accessible? Will there be time to execute that plan?

The bad news is that the odds are with the bad guys. They have the element of surprise.

Usually, they do something to bring you to the door and open it.  It’s rare that that they use a battering ram (So say the statistics.) 

Do you have a door that’s “hell for stout” with well attached hinges and a sturdy dead bolt?  Do you have a dang peep hole? It’s surprising how many doors are sold without them.  Got a chain to at least slow them down momentarily? Obviously, you have to be very careful to whom you open your door, especially at night. Many people I know answer with gun in hand (out of sight).

What are your chances of being hit?  Do you deal drugs (surely not you)? Are you a jewelry wholesaler? Do you keep a lot of cash in the house?  Do people think you have a lot of cash in the house?

If you’re an average homeowner, you may not be targeted. You can evaluate your risk by clicking here:

I’ve just touched on home invasions here, but we all owe it to ourselves to be smarter about this. Some of you may have made plans already – some good plans.

What are the plans you’ve made and resources you recommend?  I’d like to hear from you.

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What Were You Thinking?

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 20th September 2006

I remember when the English Actor, Hugh Grant, got caught in public with a professional lady and Jay Leno interviewed him on the Tonight Show soon afterwards. Jay was the first person to ask the obvious question, “What were you thinking?”  It got a big laugh.

I don’t want someone asking you, “What were you thinking,” after you’ve been attacked, robbed, knifed, shot, clubbed or had to defend yourself in a street fight.  “What were you thinking going to that part of town at that time of night? What were you thinking?” “Why did you let that guy piss you off? What were you thinking? Why did you put yourself in harms way? Why did you overreact to that numskull?”

(If you want to be Charles Bronson in “Death Wish” this isn’t for you.)

I’m clear that odds are, with good headwork, you can survive unarmed. I read most of the gun forums daily and it’s a very rare occurrence for someone to have to draw their gun in self-defense.  I want the right to protect myself and my family so I will exercise my right to self-defense, but I also hope it’s unlikely I’d have to do so.

I don’t want to shoot anyone.  I don’t need an adrenaline overdose.  I don’t want my family at risk.  As a result I don’t go bad places, I don’t do foolish things and I don’t hang out with people who will get me in trouble. I know that’s no guarantee, I’m just thinking out loud.

Should you encounter provocative idiots, remember – “they’re not responding to you.”   “It ain’t personal.” 

If someone is out to argue or act agressively, it really has nothing to do with you. It’s time for you to stay in control and respond with authority, not get hooked and escalate the level of emotion. You already know that, of course, and I’m reminding myself as well as reminding you.  We must make a decision ahead of time, when we’re calm and rational on how we will react if provoked.

You have to watch agressive cretins carefully, avoid them whenever possible and calm them down when they begin to puff up. You don’t have to defend your honor.  Vocal jerks don’t know a thing about you.  You could be anyone. It really is not personal.  What I’m suggesting is that you decide ahead of time, right now, that you will not be provoked, get hot under the collar and escalate a situation with a loud mouth “butt head.”

Sure, you may have to act to defend yourself, but if so, have it be totally reasonable and appropriate so that you don’t get asked the question, “What were you thinking?” You especially don’t want to hear that question from a prosecutor in front of a grand jury.

If I’m preaching to the choir, so be it.  You will get value if you take this opportunity to make some decisions in advance on how they will react to certain possible situations. A decision I made in advance kept me from a terrible mistake once in the past. I’m a believer in thinking through my actions in advance. I want you to make some critical decisions ahead of time (right now would be good) and then you won’t have to answer the question, “What were you thinking?”

What is your best strategy? 




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List of Bullhide Gunbelts in stock 09/19/06

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 19th September 2006

Ready to travel. All packed and ready to live at your house. You can adopt one of these brand new Bullhide Gunbelts and give it a new home today with FREE shipping. Normally, it takes 3-4 weeks turnaround time after you order.

Read details about these great Bullhide gunbelts here. You can order on line and then remind me in the comments section of your order that you found this special on the “blog” and you get FREE shipping.  If you read this a couple of days after I post it, you should call first for availability at 800-308-6628. The available belts are listed below.

Bullhide Belts in Stock 09/19/06:

1-1/4” wide belts are $59, 1-1/2” Belts are $69. Velcro adds $20.

33 X 1-1/4” Black/Nickel Buckle

34 X 1-1/2” Black/Nickel Buckle

38 X 1-1/2” Tan/Brass Buckle

38 X 1-1/4” Med Brown/Brass- Velcro Lined

38 X 1-1/4” Black/Nickel – Velcro Lined

38 X 1-1/4” Black/Nickel – Velcro Lined

40 X 1-1/2” Black/Brass – Velcro Lined

These won’t last long, so act today!


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The one time you DO want to flash someone.

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 18th September 2006

Here’s a sensible and cost-free idea. Hope none of us ever have the occasion to use it!
If you ever have an emergency and call 911, have someone back up you car or truck to where your driveway joins your street and turn on the emergency flashers. 

Tell the 911/police/fire dispatcher to have responders look for the flashers. It will help EMT’s/Fire/Police find your house quickly when seconds count.  I know it’s not always possible, but what a great idea to aid responders in locating you!

Share this idea with your employees, friends and family. It might make a difference for someone who needs rapid assistance.

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Knife Fight – Follow Up with Video

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 14th September 2006

My blog post Don’t Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight has created a thundering herd of great responses on several forums.  I want you to be better prepared to deal with a knife-weilding bad guy, so I recommend you investigate Dennis Tueller’s methods of close combat and defense against a knife.  This 1983 article will give you a great start and so will this information on the Tueller Drill.

I strongly recommend learning unarmed defensive techniques to complement the shooting skills you already possess.  A method you can learn quickly without years and years of drills is called Krav Maga, developed by the Israeli Defense Force. People who are older or not physically fit can learn Krav Maga and use it effectively. Check it out.

When it comes to using a gun to defend yourself against any threat, you must be able to access it quickly. That requires a “full firing grip.” That means that your holster exposes the entire grip above your belt line (and with no excess leather to block your grip) so that you can get the best grip possible from the get go.  Some holsters ride way to low, requiring you to pick up the gun with your thumb and forefinger to get it coming up out of the holster. Then you have to regrip it under stress as you press to get your gun on target.

Tucker would never put you at risk with a holster that does not ride in the perfect “sweet spot” allowing for a full firing grip every time.  Count on it. You can see what I mean in this picture.

Glock in TX HeritageCrop1.jpg

You are very likely be cut if your attacker is determined, even if you are able to shoot and get center of mass hits. Here’s a video by a police department in South Africa that shows an simulated knife attack on an armed police officer from differing distances. It should wake us all up to what could happen.

Samurai on the Firing Line forum puts it well, “…unless you hit a hard target (bone in the hip, torso, or head), the gun is not going to have the “knock back” effect necessary to stop the charge.” Despite beating the knife guy to the draw you will both be hurt, and you may be hurt worse.”

Tucker was Army Airborne and a Ranger, as well as a police officer.  I asked him what he would do if attacked by a knife. Tucker’s a man of few words.  He said, “I’d block with my left arm and shoot him.”  I guess that says it all.

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Don’t Bring A Gun To A Knifefight **WARNING** Graphic Images!

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 8th September 2006

“Don’t Bring a Gun to a Knifefight?” 

Sure, you better bring a gun, bring a clear mind and the will to act, so you don’t get cut.

Yes, I know. The old joke is about don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. This is no joke as you’ll see below:

These pictures will wake you up – if you need it.  They will add to your mental preparedness and decision-making by removing the hesitation to act in the face of a knife.  An attacker can cover a short distance from their position to yours faster than you can draw your weapon.

If your weapon is drawn, they can reach you faster than you can fire to stop them if you hesitate for even a fraction of a second. 

I think this is a good illustration of why you don’t want to get cut. You can’t be complacent when confronted by an opponent with a knife. 

Some of the public think that police officers should try to disarm someone armed with a knife but anyone who has had training in knife fighting will tell you that, even if you win, you are going to get cut. Keep this in the back of your mind when confronting someone armed with an edged weapon.  Be forewarned, these photos are graphic.”     

**WARNING!!!**  The images are below this line. prepare yourself first:









DON’T LET ‘EM CUT YOU!   Comments welcome from you specialists on hand to hand and edged weapons out there.

Here’s a link about the Tueller Drill. You might find this very interesting when thinking about defending against a knife.

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Get FREE Home Delivery!

Posted by Rob Longenecker on 8th September 2006

Do you still drive/walk down to the local “Stop ‘n Rob” to buy your Sunday paper or do you get FREE home delivery?  If you like the content on this Tucker Gunleather Blog, you can have Free Home Delivery. It takes ten seconds to set it up.

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Now, wasn’t that easy?  Your life just got less complicated.

Come back soon!


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